Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Well it certainly has been quite an unpredictable spring. The fluctuating water temps have made it a bit challenging at times with the bait showing up on some days while on others it has been difficult to find. The good news is that the weather appears to be a bit more seasonal now with cold fronts fading out before hitting our region. As for the fishing, there has been a steady increase in activity again as the water reaches the mid to upper 70s where most of our gamefish thrive. 
     Big schools of bait have filled into the bay and this

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Jake with a nice Spotted Seatrout
After a string of mild winters we finally got a good dose of some unseasonably cold weather this year. Although it was short-lived (near 80 today), it did get cold enough to drop our water temps significantly. While it has certainly tempered the ridiculous snook bite, it has allowed our more tolerant wintertime species such as the sheepshead and trout to flourish. The predominant bait typically used this time of year is shrimp which is very effective and will catch anything that swims. This time of year though, I also like to use artificial lures that allow us to cover more water and often even outproduces live bait. Soft plastics such as those from DOA or Z-Mann on a 1/8th oz jig head or rigged weedless with a weighted worm hook are my favorites. For colors, root beer, black/gold and new penny seem to work best.