Tuesday, September 3, 2019


It has been an incredible summer where I've been able to enjoy many happy anglers catching an abundance and incredible variety of fish. I also truly enjoy catering to the diversity each group brings. On a "family fishing trip" we might bend some rods, chase dolphins, look for sand dollars and feed the pelicans, whereas, the hardcore anglers might be targeting a bucket list fish like a tarpon or big snook. This summer I also partnered with the Florida Fantasy Fishing Camp and had some outstanding weeks with young anglers from ages 8-13.  It's really a great place for kids who love to fish and the outdoors. As for our fishing here in the bay, the weather, as usual, has been our biggest variable, with some extended periods of west wind and morning rains making things a challenge, especially for those targeting Tarpon. On the other hand, it has cooled water temps and kept the inshore bite going during these "Dog Days" we've been in. 

     There are acres of sardines in the bay and no signs of the nasty red tide that plagued our coast last year. In fact, the water quality has been as good as ever and we are catching plenty of quality fish. The snook and snapper bite has been excellent all summer and the recent rains has also brought a good push of redfish into the bay. This is a great time of year to chase juvenile tarpon as well as some tackle testing jacks that patrol our area this time of year. The Spanish Mackerel bite has picked back up with the cooler water temps and I expect the Kingfish to be showing up very soon too. We are also still catching some nice trout (for this time of year) as well as plenty of sharks and ladyfish keeping rods bent.  Lots of stuff to catch, as well as see, and the next couple months should be even better where the weather starts to cool and the fishing gets even hotter!! So, give me a call, grab a kid and let's go! Tight lines!! Capt. Chris (813) 908-6222

Monday, March 11, 2019


Some people hate the changing of the clocks but for me it means good fishing! With water temps on the rise over the last few weeks we have really seen the fishing start to heat up as well. It was a pretty good winter for sheepshead. We also caught an abundance of small reds while fishing docks for sheepshead so hopefully this bodes well for things to come. The sardines that have been down by the Skyway Bridge have started filtering north into the bay and has really turned on the bite, especially in those transition areas around points and creek mouths. Those snook that have been snubbing their noses at us are now gladly inhaling a well placed greenback. There are still plenty of redfish moving around in loose schools and in potholes. For them, cut bait and and a big box of patience has proven to be the most successful. Also some nice spotted seatrout have been patrolling the shallow grass edges where weedless soft plastics have been working well.