It certainly has been an interesting couple of months with this pandemic we are all suffering through. While I hope you are all safe and enduring the covid without too much hardship, here at Triple C Charters we miss seeing all of the smiling faces that the fishing this time of year always brings. I'm very sorry for those anglers whose trips had to be cancelled, I hope that we may be able to reschedule for another time. Even though we may not be running the amount of trips we usually do this time of year, fortunately the county officials have left our boat ramps open which means we've still been able to get out on the water and keep up on what's happening. That said, we have a full on


As I sit here writing this, we have had 11 consecutive days of over 80 degrees, and aside from another blip of a "front" moving through this week, it seems like we will continue with a warm, record breaking February. With the water temperature hovering in the low to mid 70s, the fishing has been spectacular, particularly for the snook who I'm sure don't know if it's late fall or early spring. All they know is bait is still plentiful in the bay and they are eating to their hearts content. 
     Although they did just announce an extension of "catch and release only" for snook, redfish and trout, we