Monday, March 11, 2019


Some people hate the changing of the clocks but for me it means good fishing! With water temps on the rise over the last few weeks we have really seen the fishing start to heat up as well. It was a pretty good winter for sheepshead. We also caught an abundance of small reds while fishing docks for sheepshead so hopefully this bodes well for things to come. The sardines that have been down by the Skyway Bridge have started filtering north into the bay and has really turned on the bite, especially in those transition areas around points and creek mouths. Those snook that have been snubbing their noses at us are now gladly inhaling a well placed greenback. There are still plenty of redfish moving around in loose schools and in potholes. For them, cut bait and and a big box of patience has proven to be the most successful. Also some nice spotted seatrout have been patrolling the shallow grass edges where weedless soft plastics have been working well. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Proud Papa
As another year goes by a can't help but reflect on what an incredible ride this is. In my profession, no two days are alike. Every morning at the boat ramp I have a game plan and  an idea in my head of what to expect but I never really know what I'm going to find. Of course the wildlife always keeps you on you toes but I've also been fortunate to meet some incredible people along the way. I thought I wanted to becoming a fishing guide because of my passion for it but now my motivation is trying to put a smiles on a faces. It's great thing to be able to bring joy to people's lives by bringing friends and families together to enjoy the outdoors. It's a great feeling when I see a child's face after catching their first fish as his proud parents look on or in sharing the exuberance of an angler who has landed the fish of a lifetime. Many folks though, fish for a break, a mental break from the realities of life back on land. This includes the veterans and many wounded veterans who I've been fortunate to take out, which is as rewarding as it is humbling. From the athlete's and judges to wigs big and small, it's really about the people you meet along the way. Enjoy the ride...I know I am. 

Thank you for your service!