It's ALIVE!!

Double Redfish Clients
As we put the dogs days of summer behind us and start looking forward to fall, the fishing here in Tampa Bay has come alive! The amount of bait in the bay is bordering on ridiculous. Huge bait pods can be seen in open water often being bombarded by birds from above while being ravaged by the fish from below. It's usually spanish mackerel, ladyfish, bluefish and sharks. When we target one of these schools the action can be fast and furious with the baits often getting slammed as soon as they hit the water. As we move closer to shore, the snook bite continues strong with plenty of fish along the mangroves.

Although it's been steady bite all summer, the dip in water temps has really helped keep fish feeding through the midday heat. Anglers over the last couple of weeks have had some outstanding days with an abundance of species available. After a bit of a hiatus, the schools of large over slot redfish have finally decided to return to Tampa Bay. There has been a lot of pressure on some of these schools which can cause them have lockjaw but with a little scouting and patience, we've been able to find some happy and much more cooperative fish. Late summer is also a great time to target juvenile tarpon as they can be seen rolling in the usual areas. They can be finicky but when we can get them turned on these acrobatic fighters are a blast on light tackle. We are also still catching some mangrove snapper for those who want to take home some fresh fish.

A look around sees a blue heron in the mangroves waiting for a small fish to swim just a little closer while behind the boat a mother dolphin with her calf play. Overhead an osprey circles sizing up the perfect snack while pelicans relentlessly crash into the water, gorging themselves on the small fry. On our quick run to the beach for a dip and snack we slow to watch a football field of stingrays glide under the boat in their annual mass migration though the bay. Sure we have a great time catching a bunch of fish but as you can see being out on the water is much more than just fishing. Every day is an adventure and no two are ever alike. As we continue our transition to fall, we are approaching one of the best times of the year to fish in Tampa Bay. Do yourself a favor, get outside and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday. It's the best therapy there is! You wont regret it! 

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