Capt Chris Reviving a Tarpon
We’ll it certainly didn’t take very long to get things heated up! With love bugs in the air and quickly rising temperatures, we know it won’t be long before the humidity and heat of summer sets in. It also means the fishing is about as good as it gets! This is one of my favorite times of the year. Not just because the fishing is excellent, but because there are so many species to target. First off, the snook bite has been outstanding! There are also some really big females moving around. We’ve hooked a few and landed a couple but when a snook gets over 36” it’s a different animal and when she’s hooked near structure, on light tackle, a little luck is needed. We’ve also been chasing tarpon with a number of anglers flying fish, mostly juveniles the last few weeks but that will change soon. Our focus now shifts to the BIG fish that are just showing up at where we can target them throughout the summer. Other inshore species we’ve been catching also include some very respectable trout and redfish that as of June 1 are open for harvest in Tampa Bay. Tasty snapper are becoming more abundant as well. For additional information on slots and limits, go to www.MYFWC.com

Huge schools of threadfin herring and Spanish sardines are pouring into the bay this week and, with them, hungry schools of mackerel and sharks. The fired up Spanish mackerel have provided some ridiculous action with anglers catching them on fly and even BARE HOOKS! Also, widely considered the “pound for pound” champs, we’ve also come across some feisty jack crevalle…up to 20lbs! These fish provide explosive hook-ups and will put even the best angler to the test. No better therapy than some rod bendin’, drag screamin’ action! In addition to the great fishing there are numerous opportunities to see dolphins, manatees and a plethora of aquatic birds as they all go about their normal daily routines. Don’t miss out!! For memories that will last a lifetime…give me a call.

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Tampa Bay Redfish