Well it certainly has been quite an unpredictable spring. The fluctuating water temps have made it a bit challenging at times with the bait showing up on some days while on others it has been difficult to find. The good news is that the weather appears to be a bit more seasonal now with cold fronts fading out before hitting our region. As for the fishing, there has been a steady increase in activity again as the water reaches the mid to upper 70s where most of our gamefish thrive. 
     Big schools of bait have filled into the bay and this leads us into one of the best times of the year to fish in our area. The snook action has been very good with lots of hungry fish looking to fatten up as they make their way to passes and beaches. Most are smaller males but there are also some much larger fish mixed in. Live scaled sardines are the best bait for these fish but they will also readily hit topwater plugs and swim baits. As for redfish, there has definitely been more around this spring but not in the numbers we've seen in years past where we had schools of 100+ fish pushing across the flats. Persistence and patience has been the key to get these heavily pressured fish to eat with cut ladyfish or pinfish being the best. We are still finding some nice trout over the deeper grass flats but are now starting to get cut offs by the toothy spanish mackerel that have invaded the bay. These hard fighting speedsters are also a long-time favorite for those looking to put some fish in the smoker.
     Last but not least, there have been some tarpon beginning to show up. They should continue to fill in and I anticipate a big push of fish on this next full moon. I cant wait!!! In the coming weeks we will also be targeting sharks, kingfish, big black drum, cobia and a number of other hard fighting gamefish. All based in an idyllic setting while surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. Would you like to join us? Memories to last a lifetime guaranteed!! Tight Lines, Capt. Chris (813) 908-6222.